Cold Laser Therapy: An Effective Drug-Free Solution for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a common complaint, but the good news is, at CLI Integrative Medicine, we offer an array of treatment solutions that can be used singly or in combination, based on each patient’s unique needs and symptoms. Cold laser therapy is one of the most effective treatment options for men and women with chronic lower back pain because it’s designed to treat the root cause of painful symptoms so you can start feeling better faster.

Common causes of back pain

Your back is made up of a lot of different structures, including bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves, and in order to function properly — to support you and help you move and bend and flex — all those “parts” need to be healthy. If one or more of those structures is injured or weakened by disease, injury or simple age-related wear and tear, you can wind up with chronic back pain that can take a big toll on your lifestyle.

Lots of issues can cause or contribute to back pain. The most common causes include:

Although anyone at any age can develop back pain, it’s a lot more common as you get older. Without medical attention (sometimes accompanied by lifestyle changes), your symptoms can become a lot worse and affect other areas of your body as well.

How cold laser therapy works

Also called low level laser therapy or LLLT, cold laser therapy uses lower levels of laser energy to help speed up the healing process after an injury or disease. Laser energy is applied painlessly through your skin using a handheld device that’s designed to emit specific wavelengths of laser energy deep below your skin’s surface to deeper injured tissues. Depending on the area that’s being treated, the laser will remain over the injured area for a certain amount of time, typically from about 30 seconds to several minutes. Cold laser energy has the ability to penetrate to depths up to about two inches below your skin’s surface.

As the energy is absorbed, it reacts with light-sensitive elements in your tissues to trigger a cascade of natural healing events while also helping to reduce inflammation and tissue damage in the area. Most patients benefit from a series of cold laser treatments administered at prescribed intervals to continue the natural healing processes. As your treatment plan progresses, cold laser therapy will work to relieve pain and swelling, as well as restore function and range of motion to the injured area.

Benefits of cold laser therapy

In addition to helping injured tissues heal, cold laser therapy uses no incisions and there’s no long recovery time. After your treatment, you’ll be free to leave and go about your business. Importantly, cold laser therapy can help you achieve healing and symptom relief without using medications. That means you can still feel better without relying on pain medicines that can become addictive or harm other parts of your body, including your liver.

Sometimes, cold laser therapy can cause mild discomfort in the treated area for a brief time — possibly a day or two — after treatment as your healing mechanisms “kick in.” Another advantage of cold laser therapy is that it can be combined with other treatment options, like corrective exercises, therapeutic stretches and massage therapy, for a completely customized care plan.

Put an end to painful lower back symptoms

At CLI Integrative Medicine, we offer comprehensive, patient-centered care for lower back pain, utilizing advanced, state-of-the-art options in addition to more “traditional” options for effective treatment based on each patient’s unique underlying needs. To learn more about cold laser therapy and how it could help you find relief for your lower back pain, book an appointment online today.

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